“A Gift Overdue”

Noor Al Ain Tahir
3 min readAug 1, 2020


“ The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.” -Steven Spielberg

When it comes to a mentor, we always think of someone superior. Someone who has taught us something. That person is a mentor too but to see it from a wider perspective, mentor is not just the one who guides you to the correct path. Mentor is the one, who is your source of strength, your support when you stumble at an unknown path, that one soothing voice that silences all the useless chatter in your brain and the person whom you can trust blindly.

So, i kinda defined mentors above but what about our part? Have we ever taken time to thank them or appreciate them. Not just the formal ‘Thank You’ that we say after they helped us but in a special way. Something that is unique, that makes them feel like ‘yeah i have made a difference in this person’s life’.

After watching Drew Dudley’s TED talk, i realized that I have never taken out the time to say those important people a special Thank You. I am a very awkward person when it comes to doing that to be honest. I quickly wrote all the letters but I waited about an hour before sending them, thinking ‘should I send them or not, have i said enough, would they mind if i missed something etc’. Then I muted all the voices and finally sent them the letters. Let’s see their reactions…

First Letter To My Teacher:

So, he is my Intermediate teacher. I have mentioned a lot about him because he is the foundation of what I am today. I felt a different kind of joy when i finally said my long overdue Thank You.

His Response :’)

Second Letter To My Younger Sister:

The next letter I wrote was to my sister. We do a lot of stuff for each other but I never said a proper Thank You to her. It was indeed overdue because the smile on her face after reading my letter was priceless, as was her reaction.

The letter i sent her
Her reaction

P.S. She did make brownies for my all-nighter!

Third Letter To My Friend:

There are certain friends who are there to support you no matter what although your friendship with these people face the most difficulties and challenges but still somehow, you power through those difficulties together. In the end, your friendship becomes more stronger than before and it gives you a certain joy when you look back and see the tough times you guys have been through but are still standing strong. I have that friend and his Thank You was looonngggg overdue.

The letter.
My phone has a small screen so apologies for the messy collage.

Yep, that was his moment of “Happyness”.

There are more people that have been and still are my greatest mentors but these are my highlights!